Auto Stop Loss Usage


Unzip the software package and run it. Auto Stop Loss (ASL) is portable, so there is no additional installation process. Recommended minimum specifications: 1 GB RAM, 1 GB free disk space, internet connection.

Auto Stop Loss should run on your computer or VPS.

Download 3 days trial version of Auto Stop Loss.


Enter the Poloniex or Binance Exchange API Key and Secret (Create Poloniex API key and Secret) in the Settings section of the ASL screen and press the save button. When you press Start, the program will check the license and ask you to go to the register page.

Enter your username, e-mail address, Exchange API Key and the corresponding option for trial/full version and the password of your choice on the web page that opens. If you want to purchase the program, transfer 0.** BTC (or equivalent) at the address specified and enter the transaction ID (TXID). Press the Create Account button and the program and your computer will be registered.

The license is tied to registered computer. If you wish to transfer the license to another computer, please contact us.


If the Exchange API Key and Secret is entered in the register phase and the software is registered, just set trailing stop loss ratio (1 to 99% depending your trade/risk mentality) and connection interval (15-300 sec), select appropriate log option (significant or all) and select usage mod (test or real). Press Save and then Start. That’s all.

It is recommended that you use it in TEST mode at the first start, because it will sell your coins that are already in your account but have a price below the stop loss level you set. If you use it in Test mode, the actions will not be executed but you will be able to see how the program will behave.

If you do not want to sell some of your coins, even if the price has dropped you should place a sell order at a high price for these coins before running the program.

Auto StopLoss:

Runs on your own windows computer or windows VPN.
No need to trust a cloud service.
Simple settings for beginners.
Fear to set lots of settings? No need anymore!