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Would you like to spend time with the beauties of life instead of make your stress level ceiling (to moon), your social life is down to dips (to magma), your mind is always in the stock market, your eyes on your smartphone screen, have to sit in front of your computer for 7-24 to protect or increase your crypto investment, waking up with nightmares at midnight?

Definition of ‘Stop Loss’

In the Cripto world, it is very difficult to estimate price movements because many factors such as trading pressure, whale movements, crypto money news, interest-rate policies can affect price movements. In short, the price movement can be up or down at any moment, and it requires a lot of time and labor to follow. At this point, ‘Stop Loss’ plays a very important role to minimize possible losses.

Stop-loss is used to limit loss in a trade and can be defined as an advance conditional order to sell an asset when it reaches a particular price point. Setting a stop-loss order for 10% below the price at which you bought the stock will limit your loss to 10%. The concept can occasionally be used for short-term trading. Stop-loss is also known as ‘stop order’ or ‘stop-market order’. By placing a stop-loss order, the investor instructs the broker/agent to sell a security when it reaches a pre-set price limit.



The Crypto market is a market with 7-24 transactions. The advantage of a stop order is no need to monitor on a daily basis how a stock is performing. This aspect of Stop Loss is really useful when users are unable to get online for a long period of time, such as work hours and night time.


The disadvantage is that the investor who thinks that minimizing the possibility of loss minimizes the bullish trend that may have occurred before the bear trend. Secondly, the stop price could be activated by a short-term fluctuation in a stock’s price. The key is picking a stop-loss percentage that allows a stock to fluctuate day to day while preventing as much downside risk as possible.

Although it might seem like Stop Loss is an additional process in your way to earn money, it is crucial in crypto money investment, since risking your stocks without proper knowledge can cause major damage on your earnings.

Trailing Stop Loss

A trailing stop loss is a type of stop loss order that combines elements of both risk management and trade management. A sell trailing stop order sets the stop price at a fixed amount/percentage below the market price with an attached “trailing” amount. As the market price rises, the stop price rises by the trail amount, but if the stock price falls, the stop loss price doesn’t change, and a market order is submitted if the stop price is hit. This technique is designed to allow an investor to specify a limit on the maximum possible loss, without setting a limit on the maximum possible gain.

A trailing stop-loss is sometimes referred to simply as a trailing stop, incremental stop loss or dynamic stop loss.
For example, which is hypothetical in nature and is not meant to predict any future results, you buy Coin ABC for unit 100 and decide 10% as trial rate. When the price change graph above and the table below are examined together, it can be seen that unit 0.010 can be lost in a situation where only the stop loss technique is used. In case of using Trailing Stop Loss technique, unit 0.107 profit can be made.

Date Market price Stop loss price Trailing stop loss price Stop loss Trailing stop loss
1 67
2 100* 90 90 -10 -10
3 200 90 180 -10 80
4 186 90 180 -10 80
5 181 90 180 -10 80
6 190 90 180 -10 80
7 220 90 198 -10 98
8 230 90 207** -10 107
9 189 90 207** -10 107
10 90 90** -10
11 50
Final -10 107

* Buy price
** Sell price

As a result, a bear trend following the bullish trend period can be lost in the regular stop loss method and it can be profited if trailing stop loss is used.

What should be the stop loss rate?

A common mistake is to place a trailing stop that is too far or too close to the current price. If investors choose a cushion that’s too big, they will face greater losses. On the other hand, placing the trailing stop loss too tiny to the entry will typically result in being stopped out before any meaningful sized price moves occur. Trailing stops should be placed at a distance from the current price that you do not expect to be reached unless the market changes its direction.

Auto Stop Loss Bot

Introducing ”Auto Stop Loss”, a powerful but simple to use cryptocurrency bot that can adjust the stop loss order dynamically. As bots and programs used to trade of cryptocurrency have very wide range, Auto Stop-Loss takes one step forward and brings ”Dynamic Stop-Loss” to the agenda.

Auto Stop-Loss can adjust your Sell Rate depending market condition, thus increasing your profit and avoiding unnecessary loss of winnings. The ”Dynamic Stop-Loss” system simply requires what any other ”Stop-Loss” program does, but it benefits the users way more than the other programs could do.

Now with ”Auto Stop-Loss”, you won’t have any risk of losing profit already acquired! ASL saves you the time and effort of recalculating and changing your stops manually and takes the emotion out of decision making, but it has a higher probability of being triggered unnecessarily. This is the best part of the profit is that you don’t have to do anything. Auto Stop Loss bot will carry out the necessary operations.

To use the Auto Stop Loss bot created by CryptoExperium;

 No need to know any programming language,
No need to create a setting file in black DOS or *nix screens,
No need to use the browser or any additional software,
No need to track log messages to keep track of program messages
Auto Stop loss is a completely visual software. Make a few simple selections, press the start button. All information and actions will be appeared on your screen.

You want to be able to take advantage of any price increases. You also don’t want to have to constantly monitor your trades to lock in gains.

Auto Stop Loss Feature Comparison :

Feature Comparison : Free vs. Paid Free Paid
Useable without any programming language and tools
Visual settings
Stop loss and Take profit feature at the same time
Poloniex or Binance exchange
Coin limit at the same time 3 coins Unlimited
Time limit 3 days Unlimited
Amount limit per trade 0.3 BTC Unlimited
Price Free 0.005 BTC
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